Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Community 2.0 My Community I call the shots

As Internet users require more and more easy to network interaction, communication, WEB2.0, turned out and quickly became the Internet era, force for change. UC recently by the mobile Internet business companies and co-sponsored by the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation and Community 2.0 concept, it will certainly lead to a social welfare concept, model, participants upheaval.

So, what is the public 2.0? Simply put, public service 2.0, is through the mobile Internet and other modern technology, public service activities become transparent, credible, broad participation can be interactive, sustainable.

Technology for easy public

2.0 years in the public interest, each of us, can have their own welfare funds. According to the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation Li Li introduced the Secretary-General, as long as the donors through the mobile Internet, banking, PC access, to donate 5 dollars per month, will fund the establishment of personal love. Create a Charitable Fund Specific steps include:

1 month donated five yuan to establish personal charity fund.

2, fill out the "fund created to the registration table."

3, growth of personal charity fund, or other means to mobilize around friends and family for their love of the Fund.

4, carrying out various interactive activities and beneficiaries.

5 Foundation for Poverty Alleviation Fund to create one for each service.

In other words, public funds for personal appearance and mobile Internet technology support, public welfare is no longer just a stage for large enterprises, it is no longer "money - honor" exchange of equal value, growth companies, entrepreneurs, and even ordinary people can also become the main public good.

Technology to public clearly and simply

2.0 in the public interest, we not only know what our donations to help people, how to help, and even chat with the person being helped and interactive. Mobile Internet is open, so even if the public welfare from the donor completed the "lack of participation" of the times, change to "donate End is just beginning" of the era. UC browser such as through the Internet, provided by the Foundation for Poverty Alleviation in China, online communication platform, public welfare beneficiaries and donors can be widely used mobile video, mobile search, Web interaction and other advanced mobile Internet technology, to interact anytime, anywhere.

Technology to public anywhere

2.0 in the public interest, we not only by units, banks, post offices and other traditional donation channels, but also through UCWEB browser platform for mobile Internet donations, online donations directly to mobile phones.

Specific donation process is as follows:

1. Sign UC browser's "60th birthday, you and I celebrate the" activities, choose the activity page of "direct use Alipay contributions"

2. Directly into the Poverty Relief Fund set up on Taobao online shop, you can choose from 1 yuan to 100 yuan donation amounts ranging from

3. Select the amount entered purchase page, select the "Buy Now", enter the verification code and password into the transaction page

4. Taobao transactions enter the page the user name and password, and captured the value of one yuan of "love" (PS: Taobao security system is really a little bit.... Complicated)

5. Taobao will be the last time prompts you sure you want to donate, select the confirmation browsers automatically jump paypal.

Finally enter the verification code Alipay and password, click on the confirm purchase, donations can be successful.

In other words, as long as the support of communication networks, as long as the support of mobile terminal equipment, as long as phones online donation UC platform browser support, public will be able to get anywhere.

In short, 2.0 times in the public interest, public service, not an occasional thing, not what someone else is no longer a special thing, but each within its capacity, and can control things by themselves. Everyone can be public, at any time can be public, then clearly that public service is no longer a slogan but a reality. Since then, my public service, which I call the shots.

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