Monday, September 27, 2010

Motorola recall: a beautiful mistake

The day before yesterday, has been reported that Motorola to "recall" a name "Ming" A1200 mobile phone, has aroused extensive attention. Motorola immediately concerned, but denied media misrepresent the "recall" message, and issued a statement, Motorola did not recall "that" the plan, but suggested that "if consumers use" that "the process of discovery of any problem, go to Motorola service center for support. "

So this is just a misunderstanding, the media and consumers to a Motorola handset, "three guarantees" provided reiterated mistaken for a "recall." According to Motorola's argument is that all of Motorola "Ming" A1200 of the licensed mobile phones, holding regular sales invoice, the user may apply to any after-sales service network for a free replacement and installation, after-sales service network does not charge any fees to the user. In any case, although not "recall", Motorola mobile phones this is also the national "three guarantees" the strict and effective compliance, is a responsible attitude toward consumers. This digital product manufacturers and some large areas of quality problems encountered with the attitude of consumers hard in the end in sharp contrast.

China mobile phone "recall" system lacking, causing consumer to see the many foreign phone quality problems caused because of the "recall" the incident, but can not enjoy at home. Consumers and media to mobile phone makers called "recall", but not actually together. Any foreign mobile phone manufacturers in particular giant is not possible to open the first of its kind, after all, no national mandatory "recall" system provides the quality of mobile phone manufacturers bear the responsibility for much less, do not go looking for things to do nothing . Under the provisions of the existing national three guarantees, Motorola refused to "recall" is also permitted by law.

Moreover, the "Ming" A1200 Mobile Phone, Motorola also can not arbitrarily on the "recall." "Ming" A1200 mobile phone problems is the "side buttons appear Paint Falling off phenomenon." For the "side buttons Paint Falling off" the phone non-functional issues, the first three packs of the State and there is no clear provision in the "mobile phone repair replacement return the liability of goods" is provided in the functional failure of the non-functional failure "silent." The only material related to the phone "because of structural or material factors of the shell-damaged" is also a failure in functionality in. Secondly, the "side buttons Paint Falling off" the phenomenon is indeed such as Motorola said the person, it is difficult to define in the end what causes, such as mixing up the phone and keys, etc.. The division of responsibility, consumers are difficult to prove "side buttons Paint Falling off" phenomenon in the Motorola party liability. From the law, reason, Motorola is refusing to fully "side buttons Paint Falling off" to provide Warranty Services, not to talk about the "recall" the.

Therefore, Motorola does not "recall", but to provide consumers a free repair service package, is already a great extent to be considered for the interests of consumers. Motorola's attitude should be encouraged, we can not add blame, but in this case, our country on the phone less than three packs of provisions, not only in the "recall" system lacks, there is non-functional quality for mobile phones the problem under shortage. This requires the national provisions in the three packs are modifying the process of phone to attach to be clearly defined.

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  1. So this is just a misunderstanding, the media and consumers to a Motorola handset, "three guarantees" provided reiterated mistaken for a "recall.