Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Year-end top ten hot jobs to see what people are missing?

Near end of the year when, which are popular industry leaving a shortfall of applicants far the most concerned about the problem.

Zan listen to the industry experienced human experts commented recent workplace situation, give yourself more opportunities to compete.

Top Occupation: Real Estate

Job vacancies: about
Shortage of 8,000 jobs: real estate salesman, real estate planner real estate salesman is the soul of an enterprise is directly related to the lifeblood of business, good salespeople need to have a smart intelligent mind, a rich and extensive knowledge, articulate defense of eloquence, at present, even with the advantage of highly educated professionals. As the performance of this industry and work directly linked to heavy head around so pay monthly during the period from 1500 to 4500 yuan float. The relative stability of the real estate planner jobs, working hours are stage properties, senior real estate planner is to score points creative, creative fashion if personality who earn up to 1 million yuan.

Top job: the automotive industry

Job vacancy: shortage of jobs around people: car mechanic, car salesman recently, with the increase in household income, more and more people buy cars, followed by car bad need of repair, auto mechanics, to warm up the corresponding , the industry does not require high qualifications, but the internal structure of the car to keep in mind, car parts and components must be proficient in each. Because the posts are blue-collar areas, a monthly salary of around 1,000 yuan. More people buy cars, more than car salesmen need to introduce to the customer car, a good tongue, the language of both pro-and attract customers to buy. The combination of occupations and sales, a monthly salary of about between 3000 to 5000 yuan.

Top job: game industry

Job vacancy: Job shortage of about 5,000 people: the game marketing, game planner, the types of game development division games are more and more short-term needs of a variety of alternative marketing game, the game planner, game development divisions have become sought-after figure . Education is the hardware, bachelor degree or above is the first step, critical thinking, extensive knowledge to you in the game more popular in circles, the monthly salary of 5,000 yuan.

Top job: processing and manufacturing industries

Job vacancy: About 25,000 jobs were in short supply: supplier development engineer supplier quality improvement engineers, design engineers, manufacturing process engineer, project manager manufacturing industry personnel structure for the blue-collar skilled workers more, so the overall salary is not high. With the continuous development of foreign invested enterprises in Tianjin, a number of senior management positions, senior professional and technical jobs has begun to take the heat, talent worth a lot of money.

Top job: Information Technology, Internet, service company

Job vacancies: about 10 million shortage of jobs: mobile phone R & D division, testing teachers every family must have the Internet has almost become treasures, knocking Qiaojian Pan, point a little mouse, the latest message, which comes into view. Information technology, more and more attention, the phone has become a means of transmitting information. Phone R & D personnel need to design different types of styles and designs. Quality of a heavyweight division goalkeeper test, of course, a shortage of information industry positions usually pay a monthly salary of 2,000 yuan.

Hot jobs: job vacancies in electronic technology: about 18,000 jobs in short supply: IC design engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers, electrical engineers, electronics industry is a very technical field, which also determines the needs of the industry's emphasis on engineering and technical job categories. Technology industry salary average annual salary of between 2.5 to 50,000 yuan.

Top job: biological, pharmaceutical, health care

Job vacancy: shortage of about 17,000 jobs: Senior Medical Representative, Sales Director, technical engineers, pharmaceutical R & D personnel.

The industry needs a lot of sales class talent, because relatively large liquidity needs to reserve reserve personnel, excellent sales staff need years of experience.

Top job: consumer durable goods (such as washing machines, television, etc.)

Job vacancy: Job shortage of about 15,000 people: sales manager, professional and technical personnel, business managers understand that technology and marketing are the two pillars of consumer durables industry, so people need more.

Top Occupation: Consulting Industry

Job vacancy: Job shortage of about 15,000 people: Customer consultant, management consulting project manager,

IT consultants, psychologists, counselors learned that the average annual salary jobs in the industry 5 to 6 million the annual salary of a senior expert to get from 10 to 200,000 of the not unusual.

Top job: trade

Job vacancy: About 13,000 jobs were in short supply: international trade manager, international trade specialists, procurement managers, project managers recent trade industry is hot, even more is the most important international trade, foreign languages are newcomers, undergraduate education is the key to getting Do not think these conditions are harsh, this is the dialogue and foreign language tools and basic content. The overall level of basic salary in the annual salary of 2.4 to 36,000 yuan.

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