Wednesday, August 4, 2010

VC environment created in the symbian build EXE project questions

Q: 1. I VC are generated under the APP file, then there is no way to generate EXE do? If you can not be generated directly in the VC in that there is any other way?

A: 1. What kind of object files generated with the use of the IDE has nothing to do, just depends on the type of project, that is. Mmp file specified TARTGETTYPE.
Build what you SDK installation directory "Examplesbasicshelloworld" sample application to understand.

Q: 2. My program uses other people to provide the DLL and LIB, then install the machine in real time, these two files should be copying it which directory it? There are those with the SYS file with the DLL into another where? How to make a package put them in the specified directory then? There on the header files that should be placed in epoc / include under it?

A:. If you are doing Symbian Application:

During development:

xxxx.h into "epoc32include" subdirectory of this reference in a program when:
# Include

Into the application when its src subdirectory referenced in a program that:
# Include "xxxx.h"

Simulation Used to. Lib file and. Dll files should be placed in "epoc32releasewinsudeb"

Real machine used. Lib file and. Dll files should be placed in "epoc32releasearmiurel", or
"Epoc32releasethumburel" and so on.

In the packaged release:
Should be used only real machine. Dll files package, target directory is "systemlibs"

Q: 3. I get these DLL and LIB, they also come with a number of SIS files, would these SIS file useful? Is not the reason it can not. There are these DLL and LIB are available to UIQ, then the S60 can use it? I understand that, UIQ and S60 of the difference is only in the interface area, then the DLL and LIB to the interface, not involved in the handling of that can be used under S60. I understand it right?

A: Download a tool unmakesis.exe, unlock the SIS file and see if there are any, before we can infer what they are used. UIQ and S60 on the theory, you're right, but depends on DLL to do is not so common, and try to know.

Q: You said that only a real machine on the real machine should be used. Dll file pack, I can not understand why not include LIB it? Press WINDOW programming experience, these two documents should be two styles is.

A: LIB is a static link, use, real machine running only the dynamic link library.

Q: The package program with tools SDK corresponding Sisar tool, but I tested this tool, we only can specify the procedures for SIS file, I did not see how to add a DLL or LIB, does not know how to specify these files are installed to which location, you can not give me some guidance in this regard, where Xianxie before.

A: Not used. I always write. Pkg file, command-line tool makesis package. SDK to help in a reference to. Pkg file formats and tools for use makesis detailed description.

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